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International AAC Month Campaign 2014 – October

We are preparing to mark our sixth year of AAC Month featuring a 24-hour (!) chat.  We hope that you will join us to focus the world’s attention on the need for access to other ways to communicate (called AAC) and literacy for people who have difficulty speaking effectively. 

The AAC Month task force will share information and resources on our website, on our Facebook page (International AAC Month) and on Twitter (AACawareness).    The sixth annual 24-hour online AAC Chat / “Read-a-Thon” on Skype, Facebook and Twitter will be held October 22, starting at 8 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (USA).  

Send inquiries or submit information on any events or activities which you wish us to promote to or or post on Facebook.     

Here are some ideas for events and activities: 

Ideas for local events and activities:   
  • Work together with people who use AAC to share information, to organize and conduct training and events (festival, fair, seminar, AAC book or poetry reading, Silent Tea or Coffee Break, AAC quiz, communication technology expo) 
  • Link new AAC users with experienced AAC users for mentoring
  • Invite a speaker who uses AAC, arrange a poetry reading or AAC-led singalong 
  • Host a film on AAC with discussion afterward including people who use AAC 
  • Sponsor a public reading of the Communication Bill of Rights (and film it to share)
  • Plan a Power of Communication Relay and information fair to raise funds for communication devices – See Faye Warren’s video:

Ideas for online participation: 
  • Share resources, information and links on our Facebook page on posted topics (learning about AAC, websites, blogs, videos, books, technology, history of AAC, training opportunities, signs or promotional items, quotes, AAC and various conditions, literacy and AAC, communication partners and allies, and many more) – check our Facebook page often to read and contribute!  
  • Post or publish writings, blogs, and videos about AAC and the power of connection by people who communicate using AAC, parents of individuals who use AAC, or professionals writing about their experiences.  Encourage people who use AAC to communicate to share their stories.  
  • Participate in the 6th Annual 24-Hour AAC Chat on Skype, Facebook and Twitter beginning on October 22, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time (USA); post, read, share on International AAC Month Facebook page; post, read, share tweets on Twitter (Twitter hashtag #AACchat), listen to Justin Bergers' radio server program  

Facebook:  International AAC Awareness Month  (join and check in often for news)
Twitter account to follow:  #AACAwareness 
Justin’s AAC Month Website:
Blog:  link to be posted soon  
Twitter hashtag for 24 Hour AAC Chat:  #AACchat